Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Blogs!

I enjoyed reading all of the different blogs created by the members of the class. Everyone has a different perspective on each fairy tale, making it interesting to read and compare the different viewpoints.

My favorite blog is In the Realm of Today (KU). I like hers for several reasons; firstly, her blog is easy to read. It is in a simple font, and against a neutral background that doesn’t hurt one’s eyes. Secondly, she uses many colorful pictures that brighten up the blog, and make it visually interesting. Her posts are also very good, choosing unique titles and giving a lot of examples from the text or movie she analyzes while keeping it concise.

A blog that could use some improvement is the FYS From Grimm to Disney (BV). While there are many good ideas presented, they are not fleshed out very much, and the posts do not contain many details or examples. Also, the blog could be spiced up a bit with the addition of pictures into the posts.

My very favorite post is the fourth post of the blog Once Upon a First Year Seminar (MQ), concerning the "rags to riches" tale of Cinderalla. The post takes a position on the question of whether someone can reach success or riches with magic or marriage, and gives some creative examples to defend this position, using Dr. Ben Carson and the late Princess Diana.

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