Sunday, November 2, 2014

Doctoring Fairytales

Find a cartoon online with “Little Red Riding Hood” as a theme and write a reflection on that cartoon.


What if Little Red Riding Hood wanted to be a doctor, and looked at the wolf's appearance from that perspective? This cartoon explores that possibility, and has Little Red Riding Hood suggesting that the wolf disguised as her grandmother has such big eyes because of a thyroid problem.

In the original tale, Little Red Riding Hood notes what big ears, hands, and mouth that the wolf has, accepting that these odd changes in her grandmother's appearance have miraculously occurred. In the cartoon, Little Red Riding Hood instead takes her observations further, and tries to come up with a medical reason why this would have happened, based upon her desire to be a doctor. However, because Little Red Riding Hood is paying more attention to her supposed grandmother's hypothesized ailments than the grandmother herself that she fails to notice the bigger problem that her grandmother is in reality a hungry wolf. This could perhaps show how some people look at small details, and fail to put them together in order to understand the real problem. Red, because she wanted to be a doctor so much, is just as unobservant to what is really going on around her as she was in the original tale, and tries to make what she sees in front of her make sense from an assumption she already has.

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