Sunday, November 30, 2014

Once upon a time, the semester came to an end...

In this blog, please reread all blogs you have written and reflect about what you have done and learned in the semester.
Over this semester, being in the From Grimm To Disney FYS turned out to be an even better experience than I could have hoped for. In looking over all of my notes and blog posts from these past weeks, I realized just how much we have learned in this class. When the semester first began, I had never really considered all of the different elements that are in every fairy tale that we take for granted, such as the magic, repetition, and round numbers. I thoroughly enjoyed analyzing all of the different fairy tales with the rest of the class. It was always interesting to see how each individual would interpret the various symbols and motifs in the stories. Also, there were always so many Disney puns that we could make together! I found the different ways of analyzing the fairy tales fascinating, even though I didn't always agree with them. After examining psychoanalytical approach to Cinderella, I don't think I'll look at shoes the same way again.

When I gave my presentation on Bettelheim's interpretation of Sleeping Beauty, I discovered that I learned a great deal more about the tale than I otherwise would have by merely reading the article or listening to someone else explain it to me. While public speaking is not my favorite thing to do, I found myself enjoying the presentation, and I am very glad I was given the opportunity.

I also enjoyed watching the different movies as a class. I had not watched several of the movies before, and it was interesting to see how Disney had adapted the movie according the cultural tastes of the time, similar to how the Brothers Grimm had edited their tales years before. Of course, it was always fun to discuss and comment on the film as we watched it!

As for the class as a whole, I cannot even begin to say enough good things about it. My classmates are all wonderful, sometimes crazy people whom I am lucky to know.  Despite Bettelheim, I absolutely loved this course, and believe that being in it has made my first semester here simply magical and unforgettable.

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